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County Culture and Heritage Receives Grant Funding

Published Tuesday, August 13, 2019

CREST HAVEN - Local arts and history groups can apply for project and general operating funding through the Cape May County Department of Tourism, Public Information and Culture and Heritage Re-grant Program.

According to a release, the department applied and was notified it was awarded $77,960 in arts and history funding by the New Jersey Historic Commission and the New Jersey Council on the Arts.

The Re-grant program is open to local arts and history groups through an application process for awards to fund special projects and programs as well as general operating support.

This funding cycle will run through FY2023, with the same award allocated each year of the three-year funding period. In FY2020, the county received an increase in funding of 5%, and was awarded $17,014 from the NJ Historic Commission. 

An additional award of $60,946 was granted by the NJ Council on the Arts.

"Over the years this funding has helped numerous local arts and history organizations in developing programming, productions, and exhibits that have educated and entertained local residents and visitors. 

"The caliber of programs and talent in Cape May County is as good as you will find anywhere. I am always so impressed with the work of these organizations," stated Freeholder E. Marie Hayes, liaison to Culture and Heritage.

The Culture and Heritage Re-grant program is designed to use the grant funding awarded to the county and redistribute it to local arts and history groups that would not necessarily qualify to apply directly to the state agencies. 

The application process starts with a letter of intent to outline the program the organization is applying for funding. Once it is determined the program fits the guidelines, the application can be filed and reviewed.

"The success of the Re-Grant program over the years is evident in the quality of the programing available year-round in Cape May County. The passion and talent that comes from these groups is a gift to all of us. 

"The Board of Chosen Freeholders has supplemented this grant program over the past few years to allow more organizations to participate and to share a unique cultural experience with the audience. The funding goes a long way in making arts and history programs exciting and affordable for all age and income levels," Hayes added.

Organizations interested in applying for a Re-Grant can call the department at 609-465-1066. 

Deadline for the letter of intent is Sept. 6. Guidelines for the program are posted on the website at

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