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Freeholders Extend Lease for Cape May County Chamber of Commerce

Published Friday, July 19, 2019

COURT HOUSE – By resolution at the July 9, freeholders' meeting, the board unanimously approved to extend the ground lease agreement with the Cape May County Chamber of Commerce.

According to a release, the county first entered into a lease agreement with the County Chamber in 1971 for the land located at 13 Crest Haven Road in Court House.

The building that houses the Chamber of Commerce business office and Welcome Center sits on county- owned land and the current lease expired.

The lease was renewed for a period of 25 years to allow the chamber, a nonprofit corporation, to continue to conduct business and serve the public as a Welcome and Information Center.

Freeholder Director Gerald M. Thornton stated, “We have a wonderful working relationship with the County Chamber and all our countywide chambers of commerce and recognize the work they do to promote local businesses, as well as the services they provide to support our $6.6 billion tourism industry and generate over 25,000 jobs. The building sits on county land that is not needed for public use, and there is no better way to support small businesses that are the backbone of this county, than to continue the lease agreement.”

Vicki Clark, president of the county Chamber of Commerce, thanked Thornton and the board on behalf of the board of directors and members.

“The Cape May County Chamber of Commerce greatly appreciates the support that has been extended to the chamber over the years and look forward to working together on many more projects that benefit the business community and the residents,” Clark stated.

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