Morey's Piers to Introduce New Roller Coaster This Summer

Published Tuesday, February 5, 2019
by SNJ Today



A new ride is coming to the Wildwood Boardwalk this summer.

To celebrate 50 years on the Boardwalk, officials with Morey's Piers will be debuting a new family-friendly ride this summer on Surfside Pier called the Runaway Tram.

The new roller coaster is themed after the Wildwood sightseer Tramcar, which has been an icon on the Wildwood boardwalk for nearly 70 years.

The new ride will be replacing the Flitzer roller coaster.

Officials say while it was tough saying goodbye to the older ride, they hope this new addition to the pier will be a positive change families can enjoy.

"The Flitzer had this emotional farewell and, you know, a lot of people said 'why, why, why, why?' so I guess I hope the reaction is that people will say it was worth it," said Jack Morey, second generation partner, Morey's Piers. "And I think it will be. I think this will be a great new ride."

The Runaway Tram will climb 40 feet before coasting, twisting, and turning riders along 922 feet of track.

To make room for the new ride, Morey’s Piers had to move seven rides and completely reconfigure Surfside Pier, so come this summer visitors are in for a new fresh look.

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