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Information on Ocean Wind Project


On February 25, 2020, the Cape May County Chamber held an Ocean Wind Jobs ForumRendering of the offshore Ocean Wind Project to inform the public on opportunities for local individuals and businesses to participate in the construction and operation of the Ocean Wind Project, an 1,100 MW offshore wind farm that will power more than half a million New Jersey homes and that will be located 15 miles off the Atlantic coast. The forum also addressed potential opportunities and impacts of the project on Cape May County’s industries and economy.

 See below for information presented at the Forum.


What are the details of the Ocean Wind Project?:
Kris Ohleth, Senior Stakeholder Engagement Manager, Ørsted , presented. Learn more


How can Businesses Get Involved with the Ocean Wind Project?
Grant Van Wyngaarden, Senior Supply Chain Development Manager, Ørsted, presented. Learn more


How will the Ocean Wind Project impact Tourism?  
Diane Wieland, County of Cape May Tourism Director, presented. Learn more.


How will the Ocean Wind Project impact Commercial Fishing?
Jeff Kaelin, Lund's Fisheries Director of Sustainability and Government Relations, presented. Learn more. 


What else is involved in the project?  
A representative from GE Renewable Energy presented. (Shared with permission.) Learn more.

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