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Education Foundation Scholarship Application

Scholarship Application for 2 or 4 year Colleges

The Cape May County Chamber of Commerce Education Foundation provides scholarship opportunity to students in Cape May County who themselves, or whose parents or guardians are employed by, or own a business that is a member of the Cape May County Chamber of Commerce.

Your application begins with this eco-friendly online questionnaire. Our Scholarship Committee will review every application and select recipients from the on-line entries.

This scholarship application must be submitted by Friday, April 3, 2020. You will receive an automated response once your application has been completed.  By submitting this application you acknowledge your understanding that additional information may be requested by you or your high school Guidance Department.

This application format does not allow you to save your work to finish at a later time.

 At the end of the questionnaire we ask you to attach a letter of recommendation and a copy of your high school transcripts.

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Resident of Cape May County
  • A 2020 graduating senior
  • 95% attendance and punctuality rate
  • "C" grade average or better
  • Clean school record with no disciplinary infractions
  • Extra-curricular activities, work and/or volunteer experience
First Name
Last Name
Telephone Number
Email Address
Address 1
Address 2
Zip Code



1. Name of Business that applicant, parent, or guardian is the owner of or employed by:
2. Name of High School
3. What is your current Grade Point Average?
4. What is your class rank?
5. How many days have you been absent from or tardy this school year?
6. If you have been absent from or tardy to school more than 5 days, please explain why (extended illness, class trip, etc.).
7. Describe how you have distinguished yourself as a leader, role model, or volunteer in a community organization.
8. Describe a community service project you have participated in and how it affected either you or the lives of others?
9. List extracurricular activities (sports, clubs, organizations, etc.) that you have participated in.
10. List College(s) that you have been accepted to:
11. What do you want to study in college and why?
12. If you were the Mayor of your town, what would you like to accomplish
13. Please describe how a Current Event (local, state, national, or global) during your Senior year of High School has affected us in Cape May County.
Please upload a copy of your transcripts.
Please upload a letter of recommendation.
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