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North Wildwood

North Wildwood, NJ dubbed the "parade capital" and located at the northern end of the Wildwoods, North Wildwood logoboasts more than a dozen parades that celebrate everything from holidays to ethnic and cultural traditions.

Volleyball tournaments, treasure hunts for the children, festivals and model airplane shows delight the kids of all ages who vacation year after year at the northern end of the Wildwoods. Among North Wildwood’s newest attractions is the tram car service offered on the widest parts of the City’s beachfront as a service to transport visitors interested in riding, not walking, to the shoreline or the amusement rides on the Wildwood boardwalk. The white, sandy beach which covers approximately 45 million square feet is "too big" for some visitors and just right for others.

The new transportation service operates during day and evening hours to transport visitors who want a ride to the shoreline. For nature lovers, North Wildwood NJ offers natural vistas on the beach, boardwalk and bay sides of the community. Meticulously manicured landscapes can be found in such places as the Hereford Inlet Lighthouse and at the gazebo where beautiful flower gardens are open to the public. "Wild areas" of sand dune grass have been planted and nurtured along much of the very wide beachfront in the community.

The Anglesea area at the tip of the northern section was the first place in the Wildwoods to become a resort. Today, one of the island’s most popular cultural attractions, the Victorian-styled Hereford Inlet Lighthouse, is home to the city’s historical artifacts and memorabilia. Visitors are invited to climb to the top of the lighthouse and view the expansive beachfront north to Stone Harbor and south to Wildwood Crest.

Fisherman vacationing in the Wildwoods today can still create a fish story and many surf fishing tournaments planned in the fall months provide the perfect opportunity for modern anglers to boast about the "big one" that got away.

Dining in North Wildwood NJ is a real treat. Fresh seafood selections, sumptuous steaks and fast food favorites are available in intimate eateries, diners, dockside restaurants and pubs located throughout the city. Tasty ice cream selections and delectable desserts are easy to find in storefront stands and eateries. When the sun goes down, the lights go on in the pub and tavern district. The Anglesea section of the community has become a popular entertainment hub for many adults offering an eclectic choice of entertainers to attract customers interested in dancing the night away.

From the thrill of the boardwalk rides, the natural beauty of the gardens and dune grass, the fancy food favorites at fine restaurants and the exciting special events, North Wildwood NJ offers something fun for every member of the family.

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